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Yoko Immigration Service (YIS) provides friendly and up-close-and-personal immigration visa advice to any one who wishes to obtain their ideal visas in New Zealand. We handle all types of applications including Visitor, Student, Work, and Residence. Furthermore,...


Are you struggling to find the right job in New Zealand? Are you looking for skilled employment that is relevant to your qualifications and work experience obtained back home? Have you graduated from a course in New Zealand hoping to find Skilled Employment leading to your residence visa but instead ended up with a job that is not relevant to what you studied? We can help you find skilled employment that can aid you in your future residence visa application. Our job hunting specialist uses the most effective strategies and tactics to approach potential employers in New Zealand by maximizing the appeal of your background (qualifications, work experience, and your passion and personality). Our strategic, tactical approach to approaching potential employers is nothing like how you would normally job hunt (i.e. sending a cover letter and CV.) Don't give up! You don't need to feel that things are hopeless when you can’t get a job related to your field of expertise in New Zealand. We have hundreds of successful cases of clients who have obtained skilled employment including Engineers, Software Programmers, Chefs, Electricians, Civil Engineers, Accountants, Marketing Specialists, Farm Managers, Distribution Managers, etc. They all had no New Zealand work experience before coming to us. We find skilled employment on your behalf at local Kiwi owned companies only. If you want to change from your current employer to a 100% local Kiwi owned company in order to upgrade your skills, we can help you too. If you want to know more about this very unique service that only YIS offers, then please don't hesitate to contact us.


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Entrepreneur and Investor services

YIS acts on behalf of the clients, except for the preparation of the documents which can only be prepared by client him/herself, such as academic record, birth certificate, police certificate, medical certificate, tax record, signed partnership form, new passport, and so on.

YIS’s service for the paying clients include as follows: Advising clients the ideal category of the visa for which they are applying. Advising clients the details of the application process of the visa for which they are applying. Advising clients, which documents are required for the visa. Advising clients about the information or evidence is required for the visa. Advising clients about the Assisting in filling up the application forms Preparing all the necessary documents, evidence, information required to include on their applications. Making samples of necessary documents; such as certificate of employment, and employment contract, that complies with current New Zealand employment law. Corresponding with Employers who are providing the clients with job offers. Corresponding with immigration officers.

Immigration Information

YIS particularly focuses on quality rather than quantity and avoid the extensive representation of costs, which in turn facilitates for our competitive fees.

We invest both our time and efforts on people who are serious about their immigration plans. We are highly dedicated and strongly determined to provide a detailed assessment of your chances.

Briefly described, there are 4 different types of visa available for you to apply according to current New Zealand Immigration legislation.

If you want to visit New Zealand and stay here for sightseeing and holiday, you are required to apply for a Visitor visa.

If you want to study in New Zealand, you are required to apply for a Student visa.

If you want to work in New Zealand, you are required to apply for a Work visa.

If you want to settle in New Zealand permanently, you are required to apply for a Resident visa.

In each type of visa, there are also several different types of category/instruction branched out that you need to follow according to your background and situation.

We provide you concrete and comprehensive advice by assessing your background and situation that you are placed. So don’t hesitate to contact with us when you have any questions in regards to any types of visa that you want to apply in New Zealand.

New Zealand Residence Programme – Investor (Investor 2 category)

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